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The code is correct, however I keep getting this error: Invalid color, marker, or line style.

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% Parameters
f = 10; % Frequency in Hz
a = 1;
fs = 100; % Sampling rate in Hz
fst = 1; % Sampling time in seconds
ts = 1/100;
% Time axis
time = 0:ts:1;
% Complex sine wave
s = a* exp(j *2 * pi* f* t);
% Real and imaginary parts
real_s = real(s);
imag_s = imag(s);
% Plot
plot(t, real_s, 'r.*', t, imag_s, 'b-*');
xlabel('Time (s)');
title('10 Hz Signal Time-Domain Graph');
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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang il 12 Apr 2024
Modificato: Fangjun Jiang il 12 Apr 2024
See the possible marker symbol and line symbol
help plot
Various line types, plot symbols and colors may be obtained with
PLOT(X,Y,S) where S is a character string made from one element
from any or all the following 3 columns:
b blue . point - solid
g green o circle : dotted
r red x x-mark -. dashdot
c cyan + plus -- dashed
m magenta * star (none) no line
y yellow s square
k black d diamond
w white v triangle (down)
^ triangle (up)
< triangle (left)
> triangle (right)
p pentagram
h hexagram
For example, PLOT(X,Y,'c+:') plots a cyan dotted line with a plus
at each data point; PLOT(X,Y,'bd') plots blue diamond at each data
point but does not draw any line.

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