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Can I use MATLAB Web App Server with multiple versions of MATLAB Runtime?

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Can I use MATLAB Web App Server with multiple versions of MATLAB Runtime? What releases of MATLAB Runtime will work with MATLAB Web App Server?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team il 15 Mag 2024
For MATLAB Web App Server R2020a and later:
Multiple releases of Runtime will work with Web App Server simultaneously.
Each release of MATLAB Web App Server is designed to support a range of six MATLAB Runtime versions. This range starts from the MATLAB Runtime version tied to the current release of MATLAB Web App Server and extends to the previous five releases. However, it will not work with MATLAB Runtime releases prior to R2019b.
The full list of supported MATLAB Runtime versions per MATLAB Web App Server release can be found here:
If you did not configure the MATLAB Web App Server to use a version of MATLAB Runtime during the setup process, you can do so using the "webapps-runtime" command. See also:
For MATLAB Web App Server releases earlier than R2020a:
The deployed server will not support applications built with different releases of MATLAB. You will only be able to run the same MATLAB Compiler Runtime version as the release of Web App Server you have deployed.
The alternative is to run multiple web app servers, or to re-compile all the web apps with the latest MATLAB release (or the release of your choice).
NOTE: If a Web App is incompatible with your current MATLAB Web App Server instance, you will see the message "Wrong Runtime Version" in the gallery:

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