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Checkbox in header row for uitable

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Quy il 21 Mag 2024 alle 19:00
Commentato: Voss il 21 Mag 2024 alle 20:10
Is it possible to put a checkbox next to a string in the same column?
I have a table, and one of the column are checkboxes. I want another checkbox that when checked will check all the other checkboxes. I know how to do this, but I what I would really like is to put this checkbox at the header row of the uitable. Maybe even add a string before the checkbox?
Is this even possible?

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Voss il 21 Mag 2024 alle 19:16
It would have to be a separate uicheckbox (or uicontrol) object, separate from the uitable. You can position it to appear to be part of the uitable header.
However, it may be tricky to have it look right in all conditions. For example, if the user resizes a table column by clicking-and-dragging the line between column headers, you might like to move the checkbox accordingly, but you'll have no way to know that that column resizing is taking place while it's happening.
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Quy il 21 Mag 2024 alle 19:57
I figured as much. I already have the checkbox (separate from the uitable) created and working, but it would be really nice if it's inline with the header row on that same column.
Voss il 21 Mag 2024 alle 20:10
Unfortunately, there are several uitable interactions (resizing columns as I mentioned, but also reordering columns and especially scrolling) that MATLAB doesn't give you, the programmer, sufficient information about to implement a checkbox (or whatever) that stays tied to a certain column (or to a certain place relative to the table cells, in general).

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