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Figure no longer comes with MenuBar and tools the

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Ornit il 22 Mag 2024 alle 23:09
Commentato: Ornit il 29 Mag 2024 alle 21:45
Recently, without a concious change on my part, my figures lack the MenuBar and the icons underneath it. I would like my figure to have the components highlighted in yellow in the attached screen capture, by default, as they have always been for me.
The missing components started happening when I open a saved *.fig, but sometimes also when plotting "fresh". I restarted my PC thinking it may help, but it had not.
I discovered I can return the menubar to each figure by "set(gcf, 'MenuBar', 'figure')". I have not discovered how to return the icons.Can you please help making the image below the default to all figures?

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Voss il 23 Mag 2024 alle 1:31

You can try


to have the menu bar and tool bar show up by default in new figures.

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Ornit il 29 Mag 2024 alle 21:45
Good idea. Will do. Thanks!

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