logical indexing between two varaibles

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Rami Ahmad
Rami Ahmad il 28 Apr 2015
Commentato: Jan il 28 Apr 2015
I have these variables
i = i=3.02:0.00008:3.098;
j= 3.020005:0.00008:3.098005;
and a numerical array of 1000000x10. I want to determine in specific columns where the values of merged are between those of i and j, so in the first case I am trying to determine if the value is anything between 3.02 and 3.020005. I have tried some logical indexing where I used
index = (merged(merged(:,3) > i & merged(:,3) < j));
This however only seems to work if my numerical array is of the same dimensions as i and j which in this case would be 976x10. Any ideas how else to go about this to use logical indexing but with a numerical array of a larger size?
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Jan il 28 Apr 2015
I still do not understand, what you want to achieve. Could create a tiny example with inputs and the wanted output?

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pfb il 28 Apr 2015
I'm not sure I understand your problem. It looks like some sort of binning problem.
You could try using "histc" on the columns of your matrix, using i or j (or a suitable combination thereof) to define the edges.


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