Summation of an infinate series

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TS il 29 Apr 2015
Commentato: TS il 29 Apr 2015
I need help creating a code that computes the summation of L=1/(2^n) where the summation will stop when the difference between values becomes 0.0001. Any suggestions?
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James Tursa
James Tursa il 29 Apr 2015
Please post what you have done so far and we can comment on it and make suggestions.

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pfb il 29 Apr 2015
Modificato: pfb il 29 Apr 2015
That can be done in 3 lines of code tops. However, giving you the solution for your assignment straight away does not seem fair.
Finding the nmax satisfying your threshold should not be hard analytically.
After that, you can use the builtin function sum to calculate the sum of the elements of a vector containing the terms 1/n^2 up to the threshold you calculated.
Take a look at the elementwise operations ./ and .^2.
Total, three lines of code, if you build the vector in a separate instruction
1) calculate the threshold
2) build the vector
3) sum the vector
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TS il 29 Apr 2015
Thank you, this helps a lot!

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