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How to saving data to file in different path in matlab?

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I am trying to save some data from current workspace in matlab to a different folder.The folder name is facedatabse. I tried using
where data is a cell gives me error
Error using save
Unable to write file hafizah.dat: No such file or directory.
Error in face1 (line 138)
Anyone please help me!!

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pfb il 1 Mag 2015
Modificato: pfb il 1 Mag 2015
You are using "-append". That means that 'hafizah.dat' should already exist.
Does it exist?
According to matlab it does not.
You say you want to save in a different folder. However, you're saving in the current directory. Where is the path to the "different folder"?
The name of the saved file should include the whole path, e.g.
(linux or mac path).


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