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How did file size change with print(gcf,'-dmeta')?

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Tyler Chlapek
Tyler Chlapek il 11 Mag 2015
Commentato: Tyler Chlapek il 11 Mag 2015
I recently updated from a 2013 version to 2015a. For years, going back to 2011, I've been using
to copy figures to the clipboard, after which I paste the figures into powerpoint. With my previous MATLAB version the file size was roughly 30 KB per slide, but with 2015a, the file size has jumped to ~360 KB per slide. This new size is unsustainable with the files I have to generate. Changing the resolution of metas with anything similar to
has no effect. I've had mild success with switching to dialed-down bitmap
but to get down the previous file size, I have to drive the visual quality down to something considerably worse than with the default -dmeta with 2013.
Is there a workaround to get back to the 2013 -dmeta functionality and file size?

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Thomas Koelen
Thomas Koelen il 11 Mag 2015
Try this:
[image,path] = uigetfile('*.*');
info = imfinfo(fullfile(path,image))
check the differences?
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Tyler Chlapek
Tyler Chlapek il 11 Mag 2015
imfinfo doesn't appear to work for .emfs, however, it does work for .pngs. Saving the images out of the generated powerpoints, I actually get 1,630 KB for the 2015 .emf, 283 KB for the 2013 emf, and 150 KB for the low-res .bmp.
One observation: The plot lines, ticks, and boxes look similar in the powerpoints for 2013 and 2015, but when I then save the .emfs out of the presentations, the 2013 lines, ticks, and boxes are much thinner/fainter than with 2015.

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