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How to autoload a custom function in cftools

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Hey everyone,
Recently, I discovered this wonderful tool pack called cftool. For my analysis, I found that the custom function f(x) = sqrt(a*x-b) was the best fit. However, I have to curve fit about 234 different trails, so it has gotten quite tedious. Is it possible to write a line of code that autoloads my function into cftool ?

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Sarah Wait Zaranek
Sarah Wait Zaranek il 23 Nov 2011
A couple of options for you.
1. You can autogenerate the code to do the fit from cftool. Then you can repeat the analysis with your different trail data without even having to use cftool except for setting up the initial fit. This will be the most automated way.
2. You can save a session in cftool and then reopen it and replace the data.
The surface fitting and curve fitting tools were merged in R2011b so I can't give you a doc link for your tool - but it should be in your documentation.

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michael il 23 Nov 2011
Yeah to be honest I am using R2011a. I am semi-glad I did because when doing analysis of bifurcations of choatic systems, it kind of helps to have the exceptions tool. This is becuase some time you just want to know what shape the top of a curve of data looks like.
Do you know 'legacy' option allows you to create new exceptions? Or if Matlab is planning on add it back in at some point?

Sarah Wait Zaranek
Sarah Wait Zaranek il 28 Nov 2011
I believe what you want to do is to highlight the data you don't want to fit using the "outlier" tool.
You can also probably set the weights to zero if you want to it in a less point-and-click way.

michael il 29 Nov 2011
Thanks ;3


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