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Matlab 2015b in Windows 10 when already started up, starts up again a new Matlab window

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Hello, my question is if it's possible just like in the old Matlab versions if you have already running Matlab and an editor window, then if you go with the windows browser (outside of Matlab) to another file you'd like to edit and click on it, that the already opened editor window will display the new file you want to edit. If I do the same thing now, even though Matlab is already running, it starts a second Matlab and then shows a new editor window. I don't really mind the second editor window but Matlab running twice is not necessary in my opinion. Thanks in advance!

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Tim Jackman
Tim Jackman il 14 Set 2015
I notice that if I already have MATLAB open and then double click on an M-File in the Windows Explorer, it will open up a new instance of MATLAB, just as you described. If I right-click on the file, select Open With, and select the version of MATLAB that I already have running, then it will open in the editor window correctly without opening another instance of MATLAB.
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Mathijs van Dongen
Mathijs van Dongen il 14 Set 2015
Alright this works for me! If you then make sure to check 'always use this app to open .mfiles' you don't have to right click! Thank you

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