Code Coverage with Simulink Test

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Carl-Jakob Ulmer
Carl-Jakob Ulmer il 30 Set 2015
Modificato: Sebastian Castro il 16 Feb 2018
is it possible to measure the code coverage (not only model coverage) with Simulink Test? Is there a difference between model coverage and code coverage for Stateflow models?
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Sudhakar Akki
Sudhakar Akki il 15 Dic 2015
Modificato: Sudhakar Akki il 15 Dic 2015
Hello Carl,
Code coverage can be done with Polyspace Code Prover/S-function. in code coverage it is possible to check illegal typecasting, infinite loops and fixed-point quantization errors which is not possible in model coverage.
Regards, Sudhakar Akki

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro il 5 Ott 2015
Modificato: Sebastian Castro il 16 Feb 2018
EDIT: This answer is from October 2015. Please see Paul Urban's comments below for the most updated answer.
Simulink Verification and Validation is the tool which allows you to collect model coverage, but not code coverage for auto-generated code. However, this is planned for a future release as several people have requested this functionality.
Right now, you can interface with the third-party code coverage tools BullseyeCoverage or LDRA Testbed as shown in this example.
To answer the other question: Having full model coverage significantly increases the likelihood of also having full code coverage. However, it's not 100% guaranteed and we always recommend testing the code coverage separately anyhow. This has to do with (among other reasons) external code you may be using, optimizations in the generated code, or libraries not being equivalent on the host (PC) vs. the target processor.
- Sebastian

Abhishek il 17 Set 2016
Starting 16a, you can collect model and code coverage from your tests in Simulink Test Manager:
You also need Simulink Verification and Validation in addition to Simulink Test.
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Paul Urban
Paul Urban il 16 Feb 2018
Starting in R2017b Simulink Coverage allows you to measure code coverage of the generated code in addition to model coverage. You can collect coverage when running tests in Simulink Test Manager.

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