Find the barycenter of luminance in an image

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I need to find the weighted center of luminosity of barycenter in an image. (the weighted L center in Lab a b)
David Corwin
David Corwin on 29 Oct 2015
Edited: David Corwin on 29 Oct 2015
The image is an rgb image that is converted to an L*A*B* image. (I could just start with a gray scale image) For each pixel there is an L (value 1-100)multiplied by the distance to geometric center. The sum of all this should be the luminosity center or tonal center of the image or using tonal value as weight: the center of mass of the picture.

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Oct 2015
Edited: Image Analyst on 29 Oct 2015
Since R2008a (or maybe b) regionprops has had a "WeightedCentroid" property that you can ask for. So pass in the L channel and ask for that if you want the centroid weighted by the L value.
If you want it weighted by the distance, that's the inertia or moment. See I don't think there's anything built in for that but you can ask for the PixelList which is the location of every pixel in the blob and you can easily calculate it yourself.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Oct 2015
No, L is not the label matrix here. L is the luminance channel, in accordance with IA's earlier "So pass in the L channel and ask for that if you want the centroid weighted by the L value."
A = imread('figure2.jpg');
LAB = rgb2lab(A);
L = LAB(:,:,1);
imageprops = regionprops(L, 'WeightedCentroid');
result = imageprops.WeightedCentroid;
If you want the "top half" then pass in the top half,
imageprops = regionprops(L(1:end/2,:), 'WeightedCentroid');
upperCent = imageprops.WeightedCentroid;
imageprops = regionprops(L(ceil(end/2):end,:), 'WeightedCentroid');
lowerCent = imageprops.WeightedCentroid;

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 30 Oct 2015
I wrote a demo for you to compute the first 5x5 central spatial moments, as given by the Wikipedia page See attached m-file. The key code is this:
% Sum up the powers of the gray levels, weighted by the distance from the centroids.
% Ref:
highestMomentNumber = 5;
mu = zeros(highestMomentNumber, highestMomentNumber); % Allocate up to 5 moment (probably way overkill).
for q = 1 : size(mu, 2) % in the column, x direction.
for p = 1 : size(mu, 1) % in the row, y direction
for location = 1 : length(allX)
% For every pixel in this blob....
% Sum up for moment "mu sub pq" - i.e. the pqth moment.
thisGrayLevel = grayImage(allY(location), allX(location));
mu(p, q) = mu(p, q) + ...
(allX(location) - xCenter).^q * ...
(allY(location) - yCenter).^p * ...
See file for a complete demo.
David Corwin
David Corwin on 30 Oct 2015
Thanks for all your help. I figured out the solution to the above by simply placing 1 or 255 in what ever part of the image I do not want to be included.

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