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Using multiple processors for Abaqus jobs

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Hi All, i would like to use Matlab to send a job to the Abaqus solver and to specify 24 processors for this process. I normally do this using a batch file containing this: 'abaqus job=jobname cpus=24 interactive' but would like to do same using command window. At the moment, the code i am using is below but I don't see any difference in the computational time with and without adding 'cpus=24' unlike when use the batch file. Please any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
% code
cmd_str = ['abaqus job=', jobname, ' input=', jobname, '.inp', 'cpus=',24];

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David Sziroczak
David Sziroczak il 18 Gen 2016
Dear Olu,
you have a slight typo in your code, you are missing a space in between ".inp" and "cpus" Try this code instead:
jobname = 'put your job name here' cmd_str= ['abaqus job=', jobname, ' input=', jobname, '.inp', ' cpus=',int2str(4)] system(cmd_str);
I would recommend to use the int2str function for the cpu numbers, and then you can control the number of cpus with Matlab as well. This code works for me.
Best regards,

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