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saving variables in workspace to m file

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Aditya il 5 Ago 2016
Modificato: dpb il 5 Ago 2016
Hi I have long list of variables in my workspace which I would like to save in a m file, both names and corresponding values, can any one help please? thank you
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Stephen23 il 5 Ago 2016
@Aditya: why not just save the data using one the methods that are easy to use and that are used by most MATLAB users? You can read about them here:
Probably the easiest would be to use mat files.
Saving variables to an Mfile will not be simple.
Konark Kelaiya
Konark Kelaiya il 5 Ago 2016
Yes, saving into .mat is easy and recommend , because you will not achieve anything then just variable list and corresponding values.
If you have to use those variables and values other than MATLAB then it would be nice to save in some text file.
Ofcourse there is a way to save all variables from workspace to M-file. If you want that you can create few lines of code with
1. Get list of variables using "who" command.
2. Then use "eval" to get values for corresponding variable Name.
3. Once you get value create a string like ['Var_Name = [Values]'] and write one-by-one in M-file

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