How can I create a Simulink Project from existing files?

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I have some Simulink models, MATLAB functions and scripts. How can I create a Simulink Project and include all the existing files?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 5 Mar 2021
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 5 Mar 2021
You can either create a blank project and add all the files in the project, or create the project directly from a Simulink model.
To create a blank project, you can follow the documentation page:
1. On the MATLAB 
 tab, click 
 or select 
Simulink Project
2. In the Simulink Start Page, select '
Blank Project
3. Fill in the project name and Project Folder. Please put the folder where you store all your existing files to the Project Folder 
Then you should be able to see the Simulink Project User Interface. You can add the existing files according to this documentation:
4. The project has been created but there will be no files in the project. In order to see all the files in the project folder, select "
All Files View
5. Select all the files and folders in the view, right click the files and select "
Add Folder to Project (Including Child Files)
6. After adding all the files to the project, you can switch back to the "
Project Files View
You can also add folders to Project Path. The folder in project path will be added to MATLAB path when you open the project and will be removed from MATLAB path when you close the project. You can find more information in the following documentation page:
7. To add folders to project path, simply select the folders, right click and select "
Project Path
" and select either "
Add to Project Path
" or "
Add to the Project Path (Including Subfolders)
" depending on your use case.
To create a project from a Simulink Model, you can follow the documentation page here:
1. Open the Simulink model, select "
" -> "
Simulink Project
" -> "
Create Project from Model
2. Fill the
Project name
Project folder
, select the files you would like to be included in the project and click
The project should be created with all selected files included in the project. By default, the folders selected should be already added in the project path.
Meir on 5 Jun 2017
In my copy (R2015b) there is no "Create Project from Model" line in that menu. Is there another place to look, or a command line equivalent?

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Gavin Walker
Gavin Walker on 23 Feb 2018
In R2017b, you can now create a new Simulink Project directly from a folder:


Find more on Project Management in Help Center and File Exchange


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