Plot and bar graphs with independent axis

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Danilo M
Danilo M il 8 Dic 2016
Commentato: Iddo Weiner il 8 Dic 2016
I need to make a graph with one plot axis and one bar axis upside down, like this image:
There's an easy way to do that on Matlab?

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dpb il 8 Dic 2016
Not too difficult, no...
ylim(hAx(1),[0 10])
results in something of the sort...

Iddo Weiner
Iddo Weiner il 8 Dic 2016
Here's a trick for doing precisely what you are looking for, run the example:
data1 = randi([0,100],100,1); %for plot()
data2 = randi([0,10],100,1); %for bar()
% this is the easy part
plot(1:100, data1,'-r*')
hold on
% here comes the tricky part
data2_complement = 100 - data2;
data2 = [data2_complement data2];
b = bar(data2,'stacked');
b(1).FaceAlpha = 0;
b(1).EdgeAlpha = 0;
In words - what happens here is the following: 1. You plot the data set you want on the top, as a stacked bar, ranging the entire span of the yaxis limits. Do so by adding to your real vector a complementary vector that holds up space (in my example this was data2_complement). 2. Now all you need to do is set the Alpha (transparency) to zero so you won't actually see this complementary vector
Hope this helps
p.s. if you post your real data, I can try adjusting this example to fit with your real task

Danilo M
Danilo M il 8 Dic 2016
Tks guys! But there's a way to put the label axis for the bar on the right side? Cause the plot data are on the scale of hundred, and the bar data are decimals
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dpb il 8 Dic 2016
Modificato: dpb il 8 Dic 2016
Sure...for my above example
Or, given that you want that, use plotyy or the new-fangled HG2 version of same (I forget its name/syntax not having HG2)
set(hAx(2),'Ydir','reverse','XAxisLoc','top') % reverse,move RH axes
where L/R are LH and RH datasets, respectively.
Iddo Weiner
Iddo Weiner il 8 Dic 2016
Precisely, excellent answer. That is the best way, I agree

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