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Assigning a Triangular Distribution to Each Entity of a Process Flow Model of SimEvents

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I’m trying to model the flow of a process very similar to Mathworks’ Model “Aircraft Boarding Process Flow" ( The model I’m trying to develop would be different in the following way. My model would have a unique triangular distribution for the time of each activity such as “Disembark.” Each activity of the Mathworks’ model has an option for supplying the block with a mean value only. The activity is modeled as an “Entity Server Block.” It would appear that one would assign a triangular distribution by attaching an event-based random-number attribute to each block. However, the Entity Server Block does not have an import port for receiving an event-based random number block. To represent each activity, should I be using a block capable of receiving the event based random-number block where I could specify a triangular distribution? Any comments would be very much appreciated.

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Zhao Wang
Zhao Wang il 10 Gen 2017
I understand that you want to have an "Entity Server Block" that has an input port providing the service time duration. I assume you are using MATLAB R2016b. You are able to add an input port to the "Entity Server Block". This can be achieved by following these steps:
1) Double click the "Entity Server Block".
2) In the "Main" pane, choose "Signal port" for the "Service time source".
After the above steps, an input port should appear on the "Entity Server Block". You can connect either a constant block or an event-based random number block to this input port. The duration time in simulation should reflect this input value.
If you have any further question, you can contact MathWorks Technical Support for assistance.
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John il 11 Gen 2017
Following your steps, no problem connecting a constant block to the Entity Server Block. However the following error message appears when connecting the Event Based Random Number block from the Signal Generators Library in the Legacy Block Library of my R2016b software. "You cannot use entity blocks from an older release (prior to R2016a) in a model that uses the new versions of entity blocks (R2016a and beyond)." Is there a solution to this problem? Trying to use the Triangular Distribution option in the Event Based Random Number Block which is apparently obsolete when using R2016b. Thank you in advance for your help with this remaining part of the original question.

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