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Analog low pass filter zero-phase

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Marco Maccotta
Marco Maccotta il 12 Apr 2017
Risposto: Fei Deng il 17 Apr 2017
Hi, I'm trying to design in Matlab an analog low pass filter, to implement in Simulink for online filtering. The filter should have a passband frequency of 50rad/s and stopband frequency of 100rad/s. My problem is that I need zero-phase (therefore small delay in time) almost until 100rad/s then the filter should behave with a decreasing phase (in Bode diagram); I tried to use 'butter' function but I do not find how to implement the specification about zero-phase. Do you know some function or toolbox to do it? Thanks.

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Fei Deng
Fei Deng il 17 Apr 2017
Hi Macro, you can access zero-phase zero-phase analysis method via Filter Designer App. 1. Type filterDesigner in Command window. 2. Right-click the y-axis of the plot and select Zero-phase from the context menu.

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