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Is it possible to download ressources from a Matlab Production Server?

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On a Matlab Production Server, I have a simple function that creates a text file "foo.txt" containing the text "bar". The function works fine when I call it from an HTTP POST request.
I then create an HTTP Get request with the url of the file ("http://[server-address]:9910/foo.txt"), and get back a 404 error. Am I missing a part of the path? Is it even possible to download ressources from the MPS?

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Fei Deng
Fei Deng il 1 Mag 2017

Hi Alexandre, the 404 error =means the URL is wrong in some form when specifying it in the client "http://localhost:9910/magic".

It can specifically be reproduced if the domain is valid (points to some legitimate server, not necessarily MPS), but the requested sub-url is wrong.

Say the correct URL for MPS server component is:


Then you'll get the 404 error if it's something like:

http://localhost/magic http://localhost:9910/magic01

Notice that localhost (which defaults to localhost:80), localhost:9910 and are all valid domains, but the sub-url associated with them is not. There is no "/magic" for either localhost:80 or And there is no "/magic01" for localhost:9910.

Your best bet then is to investigate the MPS URL and check whether it changed ports or whether someone changed its URL somehow (say, by moving the MPS installation to another machine). You can configure the port number in the server with the mps_server_root/config/main_config file.

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Alexandre Laurin
Alexandre Laurin il 2 Mag 2017
Hi Fei. As far as I know, 404 could mean something else than simply that the URL is wrong. For example it could mean that I don't have permission to access the ressource (right?). I am pretty sure the host address and port number are correct because I can get the job status by sending its URI. Furthermore, when I use wget to fetch everything in the directory:
_wget -r --no-parent http://localhost:9910/_
I still get 404.

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