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how to use Slider Switch in simulink model ?

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How to use Slider Switch in simulink model ? Help document write a little bit.

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Swarooph il 22 Giu 2017
This block enables you to control block parameters in the model. I've made a GIF below that shows how to work with this block. (Right click on image and open in a new window or tab to enlarge it):
Also take a look at the video at the link below for a general overview on Dashboard blocks:
In case you were not looking at the correct documentation link, you can find that as well below:
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jingwie sun
jingwie sun il 23 Giu 2017
Why CANNOT link with constant block in my model? There are any limitation during use Dasboard
Swarooph il 23 Giu 2017
Looks like you need to turn off the 'Inline Parameters' option from the configuration parameters. You can issue the following command at the command prompt. Note that mdlName is just a place holder and should be the actual name of the model.
After doing this, try what you have posted above.

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