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Set disarmed PWM of PX4 simulink app

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Hans il 30 Ago 2017
Commentato: Zhaoyi il 25 Feb 2019
I am using the Pixhawk Support Toolbox on a Ubuntu 16 machine with Matlab R2016a. I have successful compiled, uploaded, and run my PX4_simulink_app on the Pixhawk. However, I am wondering how to change the Disarm PWM signal in the motor block.
Is there a process to modifying this block to set the disarmed PWM value?
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yohan diaz
yohan diaz il 19 Mar 2018
Hi Hans,
Before you build and compile in Ubuntu you tried to build your project in Windows? I'm having an error reated with CMake version I'm using and I would like to know what version of CMake you use. Thanks from Brazil!
Zhaoyi il 25 Feb 2019
I want to know how you combined the generated code of the simulink model into the px4 firmware. I don't quite understand the steps in the PX4 PSP documentation. I hope I can get your help. Thank you very much.

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Zhao Wang
Zhao Wang il 7 Set 2017
I understand that you want to change the disarm signal for PWM outputs in the motor block. It appears that the disarm PWM signal cannot be changed from the block in the support package. As mentioned in the help document of the block, to arm or disarm the PWM output, you need to feed boolean False or True values to the 'ARM Output' port.
In order to modify the disarmed PWM output, you may need to open and modify the 'sfun_px4_pwm.tlc' file. This file is in the '..\pixhawk\blocks' folder of the support package.
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Hans il 8 Set 2017
Thanks, I was able to modify the block from the standard 900 PWM disarm rate. I have not tested it yet though.

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