Find X and Y using matlab

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Adam Goza
Adam Goza il 31 Ago 2017
Risposto: MSP il 31 Ago 2017
X=y^2 2y-x^2=-2

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Star Strider
Star Strider il 31 Ago 2017
Use fsolve and a bit of algebra:
f = @(x,y) [y.^2 - x; 2.*y-x.^2 + 2];
XY0 = [1; 1];
XY = fsolve(@(b) f(b(1),b(2)), XY0);
There are several solutions. Experiment with ‘XY0’ to find all of them.

MSP il 31 Ago 2017
First you have to make a function like this in a certain directory
function F=eqn(k)
Name the function as eqn and save it
Then in that same directory(folder) run this coode from command window or a file if you want to.Make sure that the directory is same, If confused use
cd('----your folder path-------')
The code goes here
kl=[2;78] %imagine values of x and y to be any number
k=fsolve(@eqn,zg) %solve nonlinear function by this
x=k(1) %the first value returned is of x and the other of y as defined earlier in eqn function


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