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how to add CANoelib into simulink library?

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Aliakbar il 5 Dic 2017
Modificato: Stefanie Schwarz il 25 Apr 2024 alle 13:49
Hello everyone,
i have recently installed CANoe 10.0 sp3 version and have Matlab 2016. After the installation of CANoe (demo version) i went to simulink to get the Matlab/CANoe interface. but for some reason my simulink library is not showing the CANoelib in it. what to do? please help i need to create an project using simulink and CANoe.
thank you
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Dipak Padule
Dipak Padule il 23 Feb 2020
go to "C:\Program Files\Vector CANoe 10.0\Installer Additional Components"
and search for matlab folder if its not there, then it might not be included in demo version.

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yang zou
yang zou il 13 Dic 2017
hi i have same question with you. Anyone can solve it now ?
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Hala AlKhalil
Hala AlKhalil il 23 Nov 2022
you need to have CANOE installed and then you can CANOE block set for Simulink installation here:
C:\Program Files\Vector CANoe 14\Installer Additional Components\Matlab

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Stefanie Schwarz
Stefanie Schwarz il 25 Apr 2024 alle 13:48
Modificato: Stefanie Schwarz il 25 Apr 2024 alle 13:49
The CANoe Blockset and CANoe MATLAB Integration Package are Vector products. Please refer to their documentation, or contact Vector Technical Support for further assistance:


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