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hdl code generation for function block

Asked by DEEKSHA GUPTA on 15 Mar 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Bharath Venkataraman on 20 Mar 2018
I am using MATLAB function block for doing bit reversal in simulink model,I want to convert this simulink model into HDL code,then it is showing error that.. "Matlab function block is unsupported for hdl code generation while using native floating point" how to resolve this error.


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1 Answer

Answer by Tim McBrayer on 15 Mar 2018

Are you attempting to process single data types with your MATLAB Function block? This isn't supported by HDL Coder. In addition, as a single is a number and not a bit pattern to Simulink, it won't even have bits to reverse.


Do you have access to R2018a? Bit natural output was enabled for vectored FFT in R2018a.
I am using MATLAB 2017 a
Just to check - can you stream the samples into the FFT one at a time? What is prompting the move to send in multiple samples into the FFT at a time?

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