**Importing MATLAB's own SIMULINK routine, the simulation result is wrong.

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Hello, engineer! When I imported the SIMULINK routine from MATLAB, I followed the instructions on PDF but the results were very different from those on PDF. As shown in the following figure.The following illustration is an illustration of the example I used.
The following figure shows the results of the example in PDF.
The following figure is the result of my operation on MATLAB according to the instructions of PDF.
The two results are quite different. I have tried many times and can not solve it.Please help me. Thank you! If you want to open this example, you need to enter the following contents in the command window of MATLAB. mdl = 'scdboostconverter'; open_system(mdl)

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Zhao Wang
Zhao Wang on 29 Oct 2018
Based on the information you provided, I have tried this example. However, I was not able to reproduce the same result shown in your figure. Have you modified the model 'scdboostconverter' in any way? When you directly simulate the model, does the output voltage stay around the nominal 18 Volt?





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