How to implement 'Medfilt1' function into Simulink

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Hello everybody,
unfortunatelly I'm not finding the equivalent Simulink block of 'Medfilt1' function implemented in Matlab(R2010a).
Have you any suggestion to solve this problem?
I heard the possibility to use S-function in order to get an embedded Matlab function into Simulink, also if I don't know how I can do that.
Any advice is well accepted.
Thanks in advance.
Juster on 2 Jul 2012
Sorry but I didn't understand your question? Can you please put it in another form.

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Accepted Answer

Ryan on 29 Jun 2012
If you have the Video and Image Processing Blockset, use the 2D median filter and change the "Neighborhood size" to 1xN or Nx1 (depending on the format of the 1D vector you're feeding in).
Juster on 2 Jul 2012
So I will try to open another question where someone can help me to create an S-function equivalent to medfilt1 function.
Best regards

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