How to create a GUI with different tab options?

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I have seen some GUI's created with Delphi, where we can use tab options. Currently I have a main gui where 4 pushbutton will open 4 different GUI's. Is it possible to make GUI with tabs( similar to Excel sheet tab, sheet1,sheet2...) so that I will not open 4 separate GUI and 4 tabs can use the same figure space of the Main GUI.
I could not find any such GUIDE properties which can do this.
Appreciate the help

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski il 29 Giu 2012
Modificato: Sean de Wolski il 29 Giu 2012
It is not documented and thus likely to change in the future, but you can use uitab. Or one of these:
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Jan il 30 Giu 2012
Cruel. The TMW GUIs have still less power than my AtariST built in 1986.

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Yash il 30 Giu 2012
yes it is possible
check this, i made one using this similar to your idea


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