Edges of scatter plot don't respect layers

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Daniele Mascali
Daniele Mascali on 19 Dec 2018
Commented: Daniele Mascali on 19 Dec 2018
When using scatter plot, e.g.:
scatter(X,Y,17,CUSTOMCOLORMAP,'filled','MarkerEdgeColor',[0 0 0],'marker','o','linewidth',0.1);
I generally end up with situation B (undesired), in which edges don't respect the layer structure. I was able to get the A plot by setting:
opengl software
Unfortunatly, after running some completed unreleated code, this trick doesn't work anymore (even after restarting Matlab). I also tried unsuccessfully:
opengl hardware
opengl hardwarebasics
What am I missing?
I have this problem both with R2018a and R2018b on different machines both running on windows 10 and with intel HD graphics cards.
Daniele Mascali
Daniele Mascali on 19 Dec 2018
MATLAB Version: (R2018b)

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