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Matlab function to take matrix as input and return elements in its four corners as output

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Hello, good day all, please I'm having difficulties writing a function to take a matrix input, and return the elements in its cour corners as an output.
Here is my code:
function [top_left,top_right,bottom_left,bottom_right] = corners(i,r,c)
A = matrix(i,r,c)
top_left = A(1,1);
top_right = A(1,c);
bottom_left = A(r,1);
bottom_right = A(r,c);
function B = matrix(i,r,c)
ind = i;
row = r;
col = c;
B = randi(ind,row,col);
I keep getting Not enough input arguments.
Error in corners (line 2)
A = matrix(i,r,c)
I'll appreciate your response. Thanks.
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Jonathan Deepak
Jonathan Deepak il 1 Ott 2020
Modificato: DGM il 12 Feb 2023
you can also use the function like this
function [a,b,c,d]= corners(l)
a= l(1,1);

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Matt J
Matt J il 7 Feb 2019
Modificato: Matt J il 7 Feb 2019
Maybe this is what you really want:
function Acorners = corners(A)
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Matt J
Matt J il 19 Set 2020
It gets the corners. Did you try it?
>> A=nan(5); A(:)=1:25
A =
1 6 11 16 21
2 7 12 17 22
3 8 13 18 23
4 9 14 19 24
5 10 15 20 25
>> A([1,end],[1,end])
ans =
1 21
5 25

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mayank ghugretkar
mayank ghugretkar il 3 Giu 2019
function [top_left,top_right,bottom_left,bottom_right] = corners(M)
top_left = M(1,1);
top_right = M(1,end);
bottom_left = M(end,1);
bottom_right = M(end,end);
here's the code to call:
A = randi(100,4,5)
[top_left, top_right, bottom_left, bottom_right] = corners(A)
B = [1; 2]
[top_left, top_right, bottom_left, bottom_right] = corners(B)
I think this will be much simpler approch..
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Matt J
Matt J il 6 Feb 2019
Modificato: Matt J il 6 Feb 2019
I get no errors of any kind when I run your code, e.g.
[top_left,top_right,bottom_left,bottom_right] =corners(10,10,10)
top_left =
top_right =
bottom_left =
bottom_right =
The only reason I can think of is you have a another function called matrix() higher in your path which is hiding the one you really want. Try,
>>which -all matrix
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Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) il 7 Feb 2019
Modificato: Jos (10584) il 7 Feb 2019
Strictly speaking, your function corners does not take a matrix input.
I think you asked to do something like this
function out = corners(M)
% M is the input matrix
out(1) = M(1,1)
% etc
Amos Agbetile
Amos Agbetile il 7 Feb 2019
yes, thanks. I think that's the problem. I'm supposed to use the function to run the following lines of code in the command window:
A = randi(100,4,5)
[top_left, top_right, bottom_left, bottom_right] = corners(A)
A = [1; 2]
[top_left, top_right, bottom_left, bottom_right] = corners(B)
any suggestions please?

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TADA il 6 Feb 2019
Modificato: TADA il 6 Feb 2019
I Don't See Any Particular Problem With That Line.
The Problem Is Possibly That You Didn't Send Input Or Enough Input To corners When You Invoked It.
Try Calling Cornenrs From The Command Window With Valid Values, Or When You Run Using the Run Button T The Top Or Using F5, You Can Specify Input At The Run Button Menu

harish kolla
harish kolla il 16 Giu 2019
function [top_left,top_right,bottom_left,bottom_right]= corners (A)
top_left= A(1,1)
top_right= A(1,end)
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ilker melik
ilker melik il 3 Mag 2020
Modificato: ilker melik il 3 Mag 2020
I get this idea of output argument and accesibility. But I defined also top_right, bottom_left and bottom_right as output argument. But why does particularly top_left pops out as an ans instead of other output arguments.
Stephen23 il 7 Giu 2020
"But I defined also top_right, bottom_left and bottom_right as output argument."
You defined them in the function, but you did not use any output arguments when calling the function.
How to call functions (with multiple output arguments) is explained in Steven Lords comment above and also in the introductory tutorials:

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nor el houda bouhaddoun
nor el houda bouhaddoun il 19 Mag 2020
please can anybody help me because i don't know where the probleme is :
function [top_left, top_right, bottom_left, bottom_right]= corner(A)
top_left= A(1,1);
top_right= A(1,end);
bottom_left= A(end,1);
bottom_right = A(end, end);
and it gives me this:
>> A = randi(100,4,5)
??? Undefined function or method 'randi' for input arguments of type 'double'.
and the m-file is in the current directory
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Stephen23 il 19 Mag 2020
@nor el houda bouhaddoun: please show us the output of this command:
which randi -all
What MATLAB version are you using?
Is this your own computer and MATLAB installation, or that of your school/university/whatever ?
DGM il 6 Giu 2024 alle 5:12
For sake of curiosity:
randi() was introduced to the base toolbox in R2008b, so for it to be missing in 2020 would be curious.

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