Raspberry does not write in a created file

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I want creat a dataloger with raspberry pi. So I'm trying to create a file and write something on it. But my script only works when run on matlab. When run in a standalone mode the scrip only creat a empty file.
function creatFILE() %#codegen
% Create a Raspberry Pi object
r = raspi('','pi','matlab');
data_atual = strip(system(r, 'date +"%d_%b_%y_%H_%M_%S"'));
doc_name = "Documents/dataLOG_" + data_atual;
system(r, convertStringsToChars("touch " + doc_name));
system(r, convertStringsToChars("sudo chown pi:pi " + doc_name));
system(r, convertStringsToChars("sudo chmod 777 " + doc_name));
for count = 1:100
system(r, 'sleep 0.5');
nanosegundos = strip(system(r, 'date +"%H_%M_%S_%N"'));
system(r, convertStringsToChars("echo " + nanosegundos + " >> " + doc_name));
system(r, 'sleep 0.5');
nanosegundos = strip(system(r, 'date +"H_%M_%S_%N"'));
system(r, convertStringsToChars("echo " + nanosegundos + " >> " + doc_name));
The result when it runs in standalone mode is a empty file:

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Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston il 25 Lug 2019
Modificato: Ryan Livingston il 25 Lug 2019
This is because of a bug in the Raspberry Pi system command in codegen. It doesn't trim the output to the proper size and instead returns a very large char array filled with zeros after the actual content. If I trim out the zeros then I get the expected behavior in the generated code:
data_atual = system(r, 'echo hello');
% Work around system issue
data_atual = deblank(data_atual(data_atual ~= 0));
nanosegundos = system(r, 'date +"%H_%M_%S_%N"');
% Work around system issue
nanosegundos = deblank(nanosegundos(nanosegundos ~= 0));
This problem has been reported to the development team so it can be fixed. Note that I've also changed strip to deblank because of another issue with strip. That's also been reported.
Thanks for taking the time to tell us about these issues.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 24 Lug 2019
Code generation for system() applied to a raspi object would generate host code for ssh into the pi. I would expect that when you generate code for deployment that it would ignore the operation -- though I cannot rule out the possibility that the Pi would attempt to shell into itself.
You should be using coder.ceval() to make C library calls and system calls -- or possibly to run a shell script that you pass the document name into.
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Michael Barbosa
Michael Barbosa il 25 Lug 2019
Walter, thank you for your willingness to help me.

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