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Add timetable with many months to another timetable with few months

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I have two time tables like this:
cars =
1×1 timetable
Time Cars
________ ________
Sep-2019 42
bus =
1×1 timetable
Time buses
________ _______
Aug-2019 12
Sep-2019 54
Then I need to add the bottom table to the top table like this:
cars =
1×2 timetable
Time Cars buses
________ ________ _______
Sep-2019 42 54
Anyone have an idea for this?

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski il 13 Set 2019
Look at synchronize it does exactly this:
tt = timetable(dateshift(datetime,'start','day'), 42, 'VariableNames',"Cars")
tt2 = timetable([dateshift(datetime,'start','day');datetime], [42;17], 'VariableNames',"Buses")
And if you want to play with this kind of thing interactively, in 19b, which shipped yesterday, you can use the join tables "Live Task".

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