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packNGo does not package all file dependencies

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Sunny Talekar
Sunny Talekar il 14 Ott 2019
Modificato: Amine Najahi il 17 Ott 2019
I'm trying to use packNGo() to pakcage all the source code generated from a Simulink model using embedded coder so that it can be used further down the chain to build into an embedded application. However, I have noticed that some of the built-in files (e.g. rt_remf_snf.h) do not get packaged. Interestingly, rt_remf_snf.c is included in the generated zip file. This causes compilation issues.
I have noticed that rt_remf_snf.h is present in slprj/ert/_sharedutils so I'm not sure why it is ignored by packNGo().
Any thoughts?

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Amine Najahi
Amine Najahi il 17 Ott 2019
Modificato: Amine Najahi il 17 Ott 2019
Hi Sunny,
You might be facing the following issue which impacts pre-R2019b MATLAB:
The report provides more information and a workaround.




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