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App designer (excel /database /sheets )

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kinidi il 14 Nov 2019
Commentato: kinidi il 14 Nov 2019
hello everyone,
I have a great database excel (several table in a single Excel sheet) and I want to use it for calculation in Matlab App designer,
my question is how can I get my data from this database (Excel) and use them on Matlab App designer,
MY solution is:
- I stored these table in Matlab as variable cell array , and I want every time I need a data I will go to find these variables.
Unfortunately my solution does not work, that's why I come to you to solicit you, give me an idea?
(how to use an excel static database file for calculations in matlab (app designer)
thanks in advance.
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kinidi il 14 Nov 2019
my problem is that I can not get the cells of the tables stored forms of variable on Matlab from App designer by browsing the tables,

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Nicolas B.
Nicolas B. il 14 Nov 2019
you can directly read/write the excel file with readtable/readmatrix and writetable/writematrix. That works pretty fluently if you don't have too much data because you have to read the full table each time (but you can only write the cells you want to change).
Otherwise, take a look to the database toolbox and this example.
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kinidi il 14 Nov 2019
thank you for this answer ,
I think you did not understand me too well, so
my excel file is full of data tables
and I stored all these tables forms variables on Matlab (cell array)
and my question is, how do I go through this table of data(cell array) to retrieve the value to use in each calculation ,and all that needs to be done with app designer

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