Can I run the same Simulink model in different Matlab sessions at the same time? Or would they get mixed up?

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I would like to run my Simulink model on different Matlab sessions/computers so as to get all my results quicker. My question is, since they are al opening the same model and changing parameters in it, are simulations going to get mixed up or does each individual Matlab or computer save the model in memory and runs that without affecting the rest?

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 17 Nov 2019
Each session will be completely independent. The only way to have the sessions interact with each other is if you change the Simulink model in one MATLAB session. If you are using the same model but simply changing workspace parameters in each session, the models will be completely independent.

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ME on 15 Nov 2019
Edited: ME on 15 Nov 2019
I can't specifically answer for Simulink because I've never used it but standard Matlab scripts would be fine with this. I imagine that means Simulink would be okay as well.
ME on 15 Nov 2019
Edited: ME on 15 Nov 2019
If it’s anything like standard Matlab then that definitely won’t be a problem as each instance of MATLAB works independently of the others. One would assume that Simulink would be the same.
Of course, if you aren’t convinced then you could test it with something simple.

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