while-loop condition - arrays equal within a tolerance

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Hi guys!
I simplified the problem according to my issue. I basicly want to iterate arrays within a while function. But as soon as one element of the array is true, the while loop is not executed anymore. I want that the while looping is iterating until all elements of the arrays are euqal within a tolerance.
A = [5,2,1,0,0];
B = [4,1,0,0,0];
for i = 1:5
i = i+1
while not(A-B < 0.1*ones(5,1)) & ...
disp('Increase B')
B = B + 0.01;

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Nicolas B.
Nicolas B. il 27 Nov 2019
for you case, I understand that you want the maximum absolute difference being below a limit?
In that case, the "stay in" condition is:
while max(abs(A-B), [], 'all') > you_limit
the option on the max function is to ensure that you return 1 maximum whatever size have A and B.

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