How to do some calculations on nonzero nonNAN elements of an array

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I have an array of about 400*20 size and some of its members are NAN or zero. There is a second array of the same size which I need to divide the first array by corrsponding member of the second array: FirstArrayName./SecondArrayName
how can I exclude non zero non NAN elements from this calculation?

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Tiago Dias
Tiago Dias on 2 Dec 2019
Hello, is this what u want to do?
A = [1 NaN 2 NaN;3 1 4 5]
result = A(1,:) ./ A(2,:)
result =
0.3333 NaN 0.5000 NaN
Tiago Dias
Tiago Dias on 3 Dec 2019
Could you provide a sample of your data? and the result you expect?

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