How to plot a matrix with reoccurring values?

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How would I be able to plot matrix with a reoccuring value such as:
[x y]
[x1 y]
[x1 y1]
[x y1]
[x y2]
[x1 y2]
[x1 y3]
[x y3]
where x=x, x1=x-some number, y=y, y1=y-some number, y2=y1-some number, y3=y-some number. I am trying to create a zig zag pattern onto a map using long and lat but do now really know how I would be able to plot it. I was thinking that it would be the same as plotting a regular matrix but am not sure if it the same values would affect the plot in a way that the points would not show up.

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ME il 6 Dic 2019
Take for example a matrix:
vals = [1 1;2 1;2 2; 1 2; 1 3; 2 3; 2 4; 1 4];
which is of the form you describe above. Then do:
This gives the following output - is that about what you wanted?
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ME il 6 Dic 2019
Not a problem. If you found this answer helpful, could you possibly accept it?

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