Create .exe file from GUI using MATLAB Coder

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How can I create a .exe file of my MATLAB GUI using MATLAB Coder... so I can run it in a PC that does not have MATLAB?
where, the solution provided is to use deploytool from the MATLAB Compiler toolbox / MATLAB Compiler SDK toolbox. Unfortunately, I do not have these toolboxes. What I have is the MATLAB Coder toolbox, and I heard that it is enough to do the conversion to .exe
Therefore the question, how to create .exe of a GUI using MATLAB coder toolbox?

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Nicolas B.
Nicolas B. il 10 Dic 2019
Modificato: Nicolas B. il 10 Dic 2019
Hi Harryboy,
to generate a exe-file from a MATLAB GUI, you need the MATLAB Compiler Toolbox. The MATLAB Coder can generate code which could be embedded into an app. It is a common misunderstanding because the toolboxes have similar names.
Hope it help you.
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Nicolas B.
Nicolas B. il 10 Dic 2019
Modificato: Nicolas B. il 10 Dic 2019
There is there a video which explains you how to generate standalone apps:
Here you have the documentation about the Standalone generator configuration:
If you look at the video, in 5 minutes, you will be ready to generate your own exe-files.
Edit: When you give to your friends/colleagues the standalone app, they have to install the Runtime of your MATLAB version from this this page.
Harryboy il 10 Dic 2019
Thank you very very much!

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