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executable file without supporting file?

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raktim banerjee
raktim banerjee il 27 Gen 2011
Hello Sir! I am using MATLAB 6.5. I made an executable (.exe) file from a function in matlab using mcc. The exe file works well in my computer. But in other computer where matlab is not installed it shows errors and asking for dll files. how a matlab exe can run indepently? Or how all the supporting files can be produced with the .exe file? Or if any .m file can be converted to .class file, so that only JVM can run this?

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Sebastian il 27 Gen 2011
The executable that you created with MATLAB Compiler requires some runtime libraries. In MATLAB 6.5 (R13) there was a mglinstaller that you would need to execute on the target machine once. Find more details in the "Distributing Stand-Alone Applications" section in the documentation.


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