How can I save data in a multidimensional array

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I want to build a multidimensional array that saves the follwing data.
Size of the array should be the following:
Vego : 0 - 180
Aego : -3 - 5
Atarget: -3 - 5
Rel_v: 0-150
Rel_a : -5 - 5
Rel_x : 0 - 180
The idea is be filling up this array with these values from the table
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Sindar il 20 Gen 2020
What does "0 - 180" mean in terms of size?
Do you have this table in some other program and want to read the data in? If so, try the import tool (

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KSSV il 20 Gen 2020
As you have Table T in your hand. You have what you want in hand already. You can access your required array suing.
Read about Table for further information.
Note that, it is not reuired to save each table data into individual variable seperately. It is waste of time and memory.
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Mariana il 24 Gen 2020
Yes, I share the same opinion with you a multidimensional array is not optimal for this application. I just wanted to know more points of view.

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