GUI in Matlab or C++ ?

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Osama Mobayed
Osama Mobayed il 10 Feb 2020
Commentato: Osama Mobayed il 14 Feb 2020
Hi guys please I need your support,
I have a simulation to a user in a communication channel with Matlab, starting with the transmitter, then a channel and AWGN, and finally the receiver. I want to create an interface for the simulation, I don't know which language is better C++ or Matlab.
Please i want to know the pros and cons of each one of them to achieve it.
Thanks a lot

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Andreas Bernatzky
Andreas Bernatzky il 10 Feb 2020
Hey Osama,
if you are asking which programming language is better for making a GUI implicates you have never done a GUI in C++ or Matlab. But no worry. Because I do not know your application and which code you have to call I advise you Matlab. Because it can call Matlab, C++ and most other programming languages code. Besides doing GUIs in C++ without a proper framework really sucks (personal opinion). C++ isn't a language which is great for Frontend (also personal opinion). But if you really need to do so I would tell you use the "Qt C++ Framework"
Making a nice GUI with matlabs appdesigner is quiet easy. Make a quick tutorial and you can easily adapt on your application.

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