How to sort a vector according to another vector?

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I am trying to write a code that will do thr following:
R=[a b c d]'; ranks=[1 2 3 1];
a has rank 1; b has rank 2;
c has rank 3; and d has rank 1;
I want to re-arrange R st that those elements whose ranks 1 are listed first followed by those who ranks 2 and so on.
So the output be:
R=[a d b c]'
This is a special case in other cases the vectors R and ranks will be very huge so I am trying to find a code that is efficient
Thank you

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dpb il 12 Feb 2020
R=['a':'d'].'; % So can identify elements of R
% the engine
% the result...
>> R(ix)
ans =
4×1 char array
The elements of R will have to be single values to be stored in an array or R would need be a cell array to hold other objects.

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