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Customized icon from appdesigner is low quality

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Yaozhu Li
Yaozhu Li il 16 Mar 2020
Risposto: Henk-Jan Ramaker il 14 Giu 2022
Hi guys,
Please help.
I wrote an application with appdesigner and tried to export it as a standalone app.
I customized the export icon for the standalone app. When I ran it after it had been exported, however, I found the resolution of icon/logo was extremly blury and pixelized.
It doesnt matter which picture I use (I also tried to use Photoshop and create high res logos), the icon/logo of exported app is alway blury with low resolution.
I googled a lot, but I didnt find any solution yet...So frustrated.
Hopefully anyone of you could help me resolve the issue...Millions of thanks!!!!!!
P.S. I followed exactly what it said to customize the logo:
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Rhea Chandy
Rhea Chandy il 6 Gen 2021
Hello, can you tell me what is the size and file type of the logo image you are trying to use?

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Rhea Chandy
Rhea Chandy il 8 Gen 2021
It may be that the images you are uploading as a logo are very large and are being compressed for export. Try using smaller image sizes; 24x24px, or 16x16px.

Ismaeel il 19 Gen 2022
Exactly same here using R2021b. I tried 24x24px and 16x16px as suggested by Rhea and many other sizes but no improvement.

Henk-Jan Ramaker
Henk-Jan Ramaker il 14 Giu 2022
I have the same issue. Therefore, I am interested to know if a solution to this problem exists?


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