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Plots Stacking when it is unwanted.

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Lawson Hoover
Lawson Hoover il 6 Dic 2012
When I run my program it works perfectly except when you run it a second time. It stores the last plot saved and then plots the new one created. I want it to erase the old one and only plot the new one. Also I am plot two lines at once. One is the original position of the line and does not move, the other is a moving line. Here is the code:
plot(x,y,'--r','LineWidth',3); % This is the original position of the Beam
hold on % Holds only the axes values
plot(Beam.x,Beam.y,'b','LineWidth',2); % The New position of Beam
xlabel('Beam Length (in.)','Color','g');
ylim([-max(Beam.y(20)) max(Beam.y)]);
legend('Without Deflection','With Deflection','Location','SouthWest');

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig il 6 Dic 2012
Your description of the problem is not clear. Do you want to put a:
hold off
as the last line of this section of code?

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