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Smart Grid Project - Energy Management System

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Good morning, i hope you're all well.
I am a third year undergrad, currently under taking my final year project. I am tasked with a report on the smart grid and some form of simulation to validate my findings.
I'm aware you can't do this project for me and nor would i ask anybody too, however, i would like some pointers on maybe how i can get started ?
I found a sample model titelled power_microgrid in the mathworks examples, but as it has no supporting documentation and being honest i'm a novice i've had a hard time understanding some of the control systems associated with the model.
My project area focuses particularly on the microgrid and how several of these so called microgrids could combine to realize the smart grid.
There should be a particular focus on an energy management system, renewables and a storage component e.g. battery.
My goal simulation wise would be to show how a microgrid controller would supply loads with energy stored in a battery where possible and then power could be pulled from the grid during peak hours where there is sufficient charge stored in a battery. If i can do this, i would like to possibly add some real time data, load patterns, weather conditions and somehow the system would be able to determine the best way to supply power to loads, e.g. if a day is cloudy and insufficient energy can be supplied by PV, grid supplies power.
Again, i want to state i'm not asking anybody to do this for me, but i'm really struggling to get the ball rolling, so if anybody has a good starting point or a tutorial on this particular area it would be greatly appreciated.
Take care
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ZHANG muzhi
ZHANG muzhi il 19 Giu 2022
I have some similar models,
Amine il 12 Set 2022
Modificato: Amine il 12 Set 2022
Hey Blake ,
I am currently working on a project similar to yours and I would appreciate it if you can share your project for a reference . My email address is

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Zhao Wang
Zhao Wang il 8 Lug 2020
Hi Blake,
I am glad that you insist on investigating this microgrid topic as a researcher. With some similar research experience, I would like to share some of my thoughts.
Microgrid research includes many interesting topics. Based on your description, your interest appears to be about incorporating microgrids into the daily operations of the general power grid. The objective of your research would be to find a strategy for the energy management system to allow a higher penetration level of renewable energy in the power grid. This objective must be achieved through a coordinated usage of power from the grid and from the storage devices. You may want to find such a strategy first and conduct verifications about its behavior in a simple model/scenario. Only after the verification, you would want to start detailed simulation with different operation scenarios.
Simscape Electrical Toolbox provides necessary tools for modeling a microgrid with various components. You would need to determine the level of model fidelity against the simulation speed. Here are relevant video links:
I hope the informaiton is helpful for you to get started. Thank you very much!

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