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If , while with or

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jamaledin il 11 Dic 2012
How can I put or in "IF, While" function. For example:
While a<b or C<d
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Jan il 11 Dic 2012
Reading the documentation has massive advantages.

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig il 11 Dic 2012
Did you look at the documentation?
doc while
In the documentation are examples.
a = 1;
b = 10;
c = 20;
d = 10000;
while a<b | c<d
a = a + 1;
c = c * a;
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 11 Dic 2012
In new versions (R2012a and later I think it is), "if" and "while" automatically short-circuit "|" and "&" operations with scalar arguments. This does not apply to "|" and "&" in any other logical expression
Jan il 11 Dic 2012
@Walter: The | operator in IF expressions apply short-circuiting in Matlab 6.5 already. As far as I remember in WHILE also.

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