Simulating multiple robots in Gazebo through MATLAB/Simulink

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I am new to matlab/simulink and gazebo and am looking to set up a multiple robot gazebo environment. The examples provided in the website go through the multiple robot simulations (in warehouse environment) in simulink, but the simulations were not on Gazebo.
Any help would be highly appreciated.. Thank you

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Amrtanshu Raj
Amrtanshu Raj on 28 Sep 2020
You can use gazebo co-simulation to get the desired Implementation. This document explains how to setup gazebo co-sim. This example shows how to simulate a Differential Drive Robot in Gazebo via Simulink
You can refer to this document for the functions and examples related to gazebo co-sim.
Hope this helps !!

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Gaurav Bhosale
Gaurav Bhosale on 29 Jun 2021
Hi Antonio,
There is command overriding issue associated with few apply command in multiple robot scenario. We worked on this issue in new releases but this problem exist in older release.
There is workaround that you can do,
1] You have added models <r1> <r2> and so on. This is fine. But, you kept link and joint names same for all models.
e.g. <r1> has <link name='chassis'> and <r2> also has <link name='chassis'>
2] Instead of same link name, if you keep link names different, then there will not be overriding issue.
e.g. <r1> can have <link name='chassisR1'> and <r2> can have <link name='chassisR2'>
This should apply for each joint and link, such that link and joint names should be unique.
With this way, you can use apply/set command for multiple robots. Let me know, if this issue still exist.

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