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Log Parsing using MATLAB

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Joshua Mikhael Prieto
Joshua Mikhael Prieto on 27 Oct 2020
Answered: Walter Roberson on 27 Oct 2020
Hello! Can someone help me with log parsing a file? I did searched videos and I get some parts of it like importing.
For example this is my file (data_file.txt) - harber4797 [21/Jun/2019:16:01:53 -0700] "POST /seize/b2b/synergistic HTTP/2.0" 203 9396 - ziemann5634 [21/Jun/2019:16:01:54 -0700] "GET /revolutionize/matrix HTTP/2.0" 304 27968 - trantow6874 [21/Jun/2019:16:01:39 -0700] "PUT /front-end/world-class/partnerships/schemas HTTP/1.0" 401 25144 - ondricka6863 [21/Jun/2019:16:01:40 -0700] "GET /best-of-breed/reinvent HTTP/1.1" 501 29641 - hackett3055 [21/Jun/2019:16:01:41 -0700] "GET /sticky/deliver HTTP/2.0" 404 5708
if I input 'harber4797' to a function, how can I extract its whole line? What conditional works should I do? Thank you


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Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Oct 2020
S = fileread('data_file.txt');
line_matches = regexp(S< '^.*\sharber4797\s.*$', 'lineanchors', 'dotexceptnewline')


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