Addition of signals in simulink

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Abbey Stock
Abbey Stock il 10 Dic 2020
Risposto: Kranti Balaga il 24 Mag 2021
I have two signals I would like to add together using simulink (Inphase and Quadrature). These would have to be added using a signal from t = 0- 1 from inphase, then t = 0-1 quadrature, then t = 1-2 inphase, t = 1-2 quadrature etc..
How would i do this without using the QPSK demodulator block? I already have the inphase and quadrature signals in two differrent 'streams'
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Chirag Nighut
Chirag Nighut il 15 Dic 2020
In order to add 2 signals and combine into one signal, you can use the Simulink merge block present in the Signal Routing library.
To know more about the same refer the following link:
Abbey Stock
Abbey Stock il 15 Dic 2020
Hi, thanks for your answer. However this does not merge the signals in the way i need. Is there a way to add them as in one inphase timestep, one quadrature timestep, one inphase timestep, one quadrature...

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Kranti Balaga
Kranti Balaga il 24 Mag 2021
To demodulate the I and Q signals without using QPSK demodulator block can be done for the hard decision. You can get I and Q signals in two different streams and give it to the hard decision using the following block by setting a constant value to 'zero'
You will get bit outputs.
For combining real I and real Q to complex data, you can use




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