Matlab windows (scripts, figures, etc) do not work correctly when enlarge up to the bottom of the second screen

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Matlab 2020a
I'm warking on a DELL laptop and on a BenQ as a second display
When I try to enlarge manually a Matlab window up to the bottom of the screen, that window stops to work corretcly.
  • Figure: figure windows are no responsive and ALT+TAB close windows is the only way to cloes it. I cannot move it, resize or other actions on it
  • Script: script windows remain responsive (I can edit them), but I cannot move them or manually resize them. Differently from figure I can act on Reduce to icon, Enlarge and Close buttons on the top-roght corner.
This is very annoing, ho can I understand what is happening?
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Prabhanjan Mentla
Prabhanjan Mentla il 6 Gen 2021
Modificato: Prabhanjan Mentla il 6 Gen 2021
Can you give more details on which project option used in case of dual display, is it same when you work on Primary laptop, is it reproducible always ?
Giovanni Cosi
Giovanni Cosi il 7 Gen 2021
Modificato: Giovanni Cosi il 7 Gen 2021
Sorry, I do not know what you mean with project option
Anyway it is reproducible always only on secondary display (current resolution 2560 x 1440) when I manually enlarge the figure windows by dragging with the mouse the windows edge to the bottom of the display.
Windows automatically enlarges the figure to fit the display height and when it happens the figure cannot be manually edited in X-Y dimensions, and the figure cannot be moved.
Differently from what I wrote before, the axis items are selectable, and 'File', 'edit' etc commands are still accesible. And today (so this is not reproducible) figure windows can also be reduced to icon and enlarge to full screen by acting on windows buttons on top-right corner
The only solution that i've found is to dock the figure to the matlab main windows and then bring it outside again

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Prabhanjan Mentla
Prabhanjan Mentla il 9 Gen 2021
You could try contacting mathworks support from here for technical issues.They may help you to resolve this issue.
Hope this helps.


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